Secret Mickey D Queefs and Quaffing On in Brown County with friends

Matt and I are sitting in a Starbucks in Frankfort KY right now, mooching off the wi-fi and using a gift card Peggy, the lady whose dog I ran back home gave us for our year off. After a couple days of mooching floor space and free fart air at the Salt Creek Inn off of some great GR friends Jay and Eric, this year of roughing it in the wild is off to a great start hehehe. When people asked me what our first stop would be, and I mentioned Brown County Indiana, most people laughed, because it didn’t sound that exotic. However I had heard awesome things about mountain biking there, and it did not disappoint! Brown County is the Sh!t! and not just because of the colors.

We arrived Thursday night and grabbed a pint of Indiana’s finest zombie dust at the pine room bar where we were treated to some live music and locals sharing their pub snacks and shenanigans with us. We waited a bit until Jay and Eric showed up, then went to their room and spread out our air mattresses and took over every nook and cranny in their room and claimed it as our own. Woke up on Friday and were greeted with sunshine and some wind, but we were happy about the promise of warm weather and kraaked on over to the trails. Jay and Eric have been coming down here for spring training the last couple years, so they showed us around, we even ran into some other GR friends Ernie, Kristen, their kids Fin and Moses, as we started biking and I was so impressed by Fin showing me how it’s done, climbing those hills on the north gate trail, even if your legs start to get a li’l tired.  We kraaked around, went up to hesitation point, hesitated a tiny bit, then decided to kraak back down to get some snacks. While Eric, Jay and I took the walnut something trail back, Matt decided to give Schooner’s Trace a try.


We got back to Salt Creek Inn and sprawled out in the sunshine and ate some lunch, Talon showed up and waited around a bit for us to fart around a bit then headed back to the park to rip some more trails. I let those nerds go off and went exploring some stuff on my own, taking pictures and whatnot, being a creeper taking a break at one of the playgrounds, taking a tiny nap on one of the bridges, playing on the tire swing a bit, which probably caused one of the chains to strain, because when I then saw a bunch of kids come over to play, I went and watched like a creeper from a picnic table, and saw a teenager hop on the same swing and one of the chains broke and she fell into the mud puddle underneath…hehe doh!

keepin’ it classy in front of room 131, we joked that the Nashville tour trolley was going to use us as a point of interest. michiganders in their natural habitat, hammocks and jorts

anyway, I went back into town, explored Nashville Indiana a bit, which is pretty neat, tons of little ice-cream shops and galleries and fun alleys to ride your bike through, I bought myself a Cadbury egg and snacked on it in a field, then met up with everybody else. We showered and headed back into town to Quaff On Brewery where our night was just about to get better.

Quaff On: to drink heartily with gusto….which we did

Being Michiganders, the 60-ish degree weather which was too cold for the locals to sit outside, was plenty warm for us and we got a table on the porch right away. We ordered some tasty beers and decided to try some appetizers of pulled pork nachos and chicken wings…they were dang tastiest nachos and chicken wings I’ve had in a long time, and we were all friggin’ grinning from ear to ear….we had thought about ordering real food, but when the waiter came back, we ordered another tasty round of nachos and wings and added some beer cheese and pretzel sticks! I looked around the table and was so grateful for all these friends, warm weather, the best beardliest husband, but mostly at that moment thankful for the tastiest of wings and nachos, we were pretty stinkin’ happy and our bellies were full of happy too, which would later come out as farts, but for now they were just happy. Thanks to Poppa Jay, he stinkin’ treated us all, then on the way back to the Salt Creek Inn, we stopped at the Hoosier Liquor store and stocked up on more Three Floyds goodies and  went back and partied  more in room 131.

Trying to be lady-like, I went and stunk up the nearby McD’s restroom, which became my second home for a bit this past weekend. getting my queef on after getting my quaff on, it didn’t matter though because back in 131, the nachos were making their second appearance, a room full of rap music, pfffts, friends, double IPA’s and good stories ensued. The construction guys in the room next door even had a deep fryer on the back of their truck, trying to compete with our party times, but they couldn’t even come close. Tyler arrived around midnight, we hung out for a bit, I was in the direct line of a missile fart so I tried to get out of the way, plopped down on my air mattress and fell right asleep, a great day had been had!

Saturday was another awesome day of riding some sweet trails in Brown County, (just the beginner stuff…hehe wink wink) we rode about 30 miles, and I tried one called Bobcat, which is unlike any trail I’ve ridden before, super narrow goat trail type stuff around some fun switchbacks, thanks to Tyler for letting me know what was ahead,  if you haven’t been to Brown County I definitely highly recommend it. We all headed back to the Inn to lounge and snack on the stoop for a bit, then most of the guys went back out, while Talon and I stayed back. My butt was starting to get a li’l chapped and I wanted to go into town and check out the ice cream shops, thanks to Talon for the mint-chocolate chip ice cream cone! Was fun chatting with him and finding out about his job, talking about our dogs and how we both get our news from the Free Beer and Hot Wings show hehehe. We all met up again and headed back to get our Quaff On at the brewery for round 3. had another beer at the pizza place next door, then headed back to the Inn and made a fire in the pit in front of the lobby, I snuck back to the room early and took a night nap hehehe

Allrighty, I should probably start wrapping this long-ass post up. Matt’s been doing real internet work here getting the results from the Lowell 50 on the MGRS site, and I’ve been here flooftin’

Sunday was an awesome gravel ride into some pretty big climbs and wind, but was such a great time. We had some food at the Pine Room and said goodbye to our friends, super thankful for them sponsoring us this first little bit of our trip, thanks for all the food and floor space and farts and fun times.

Matt and I finally actually camped last night on Raccoon Ridge up in the park and it was awesome. The temp was great and I slept real good, went on a couple hikes and pretended I had Beau and Pedro with me. We got on the road, called my aunt and were thinking about checking out the place in Kentucky where my grandpa grew up, but figured it was a bit out of the way, as we’re heading to Tennessee to check out some things there, but maybe on a different trip we’ll go see that part of the US, thanks again for reading, sorry for the rambling on…



1 cadbury egg – using free CVS money

mint chocolate chip ice cream – Thanks Talon

the BEST pulled pork nachos and chicken wings from Quaff On Brewery – Thanks Jay for round 1 and 2 and thanks Eric for round 3


Fart Friends in front of Salt Creek Inn, great group of GRBC teammates